Changing the World, One Hack at a Time


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I really enjoyed reading Bud Hunt’s blog, and watching Logan LaPlante’s TED talk video. I will start with Mr. Hunt’s blog and I really liked in the introduction how he was talking about lenses and how you can adjust and retract lenses to make them work the way that you want them too. I really enjoyed him saying this “The right lenses can help you bring light to dark places” (Hunt, 2012) I find that this is exactly true, when you are stuck in a dark place, with the right adjustments you can find light and things can always get brighter.  I feel that we need to keep adjusting our lenses throughout our lives because as we continue to grow so do the things around us, hence there is always room for adjustments and especially the way we see things. I think that many portions of this blog will help me in my teaching because well I strongly feel that being able to do things in class is going to be so important because I want my students to be engaged in the learning process, I don’t just want to stand up there and lecture for 45 minutes to an hour and have all the students falling asleep. I feel that if I can get the students involved and wanting to learn than I will be helping them make progress towards growth in their learning.


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Now when I first read about hacking in the blog the first thing that comes to my mind is computer hacking and people trying to steal your identity and money and stuff. I did not think about wanting to make a change so reading about this was helpful to me because hacking is making improvements and that is something that I find really important and vital to not only life but as a teacher also. I think that as a teacher you are always hacking, because you are always making improvements and changing and doing what is needed to develop your skills to better suit the students you teach and help them be successful. Furthermore, hacking goes on all the time, people are always doing something to make things better and that is something that needs to happen, I mean some things that are working well may not need to be changed but there is always room for improvement. This also ties into playing because when you play around with things, tinker with things you find out how stuff works, how to create certain things and many more ideas. To me this sounds like exploring, you know that sounds like a fun thing to do, be an explorer, go out and discover different things, find out about new societies, new worlds, and just live an adventure. That doesn’t have to only happen in dreams, you can make it come true in real life and I don’t just mean by becoming an explorer and travel the world but by having an adventure everyday in whatever it is you do in life. As Joe Dirt would say “life’s a garden, dig it” (Joe Dirt, 2001)

Being able to find yourself is something so important and the fact that you never stop learning is something that will be with you always. I strongly feel that if you stop learning than you are not breathing, might sound harsh but I feel that learning happens everyday in some way or another. Either you are a student, you are a parent, you are an employee at some big firm or just at a little car wash, detailing cars, it doesn’t matter you are always learning. I find that for those of us who want to become teachers this is an especially important thing because we not only are going to teaching but we as well are going to be learning. I liked what Mr. Hunt said about learning because when you hack, play, and make, it changes you “and along the way, you might rediscover the parts of yourself that have gone to sleep.” (Hunt, 2012)

In Logan LaPlante’s TED talk, he talks about hackers changing how things are, being innovators, inventors and creators. How to make things work better and to make change. Furthermore, being able to change the world, Logan is hacking his schooling by doing things that he enjoys, he looks at different options on how to learn and does what fits him best, he looks to others, he looks to his community and he if he finds a faster way to get the result then he will do that. The one thing that I really enjoyed about this is that he talks about how hack schooling is leading to “making, happy, healthy, and creativity a priority.” (LaPlante, 2013) When I grow up I want to be happy too, well isn’t that what everyone wants? I believe that everyone wants to be happy and find a way to make that happen. However, sometimes it takes awhile to find it because of certain situations and certain things that people are not able to control that have happened throughout life, but I am sure it is possible to find it. I do know this you are responsible for you, you can’t change anyone else, but you can change you and you can hack your life and make the proper adjustments to correct yourself and become what you are destined to become.



2 thoughts on “Changing the World, One Hack at a Time

  1. I agree with what you wrote Pete! It’s so important in today’s day and age to be positive and uplifting especially with all the negativity that goes around. It can get depressing. Nonetheless, there are uncontrollable in our lives that we simply have to deal with. Is it easy for you to stay positive, personally? Why do you think that is or isn’t?


    1. Thanks for replying, and to answer your questions, it is not easy for me to stay positive, I am dealing with some stuff right now that is really making me struggle, yet school, work and my kids keep me focused on what I have to do because I want them to know you can be successful even through struggles. And I just think that it is hard to stay positive when there is so much negative in the world, yet you have to find that light, even if it is small, grab hold and follow it because it will get brighter, just may take some time.

      Peter Hernandez III


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